Born {{{birth_date}}}
Died {{{death_date}}}
Years Active {{{years}}}
Station {{{station}}}
Occupation When Living {{{occupation}}}


This template is to document Local News staff that has passed away.

Suggested usage

An easy and error-proof way to use the template is to copy the code below to the top of the article source text, then add the relevant parameter values.

Empty syntax

provided for copy-and-paste usage

{{Infobox Dead
| name =
| image = 
| birth_date =
| birth_place = 
| death_date =  
| death_place =
| years =  
| station =
| occupation = 

Description of fields

  • name Provide the real name of caster here
  • image Provide an image of the caster. (i.e.: Example.jpg)
  • birth_date Provide the birthdate
  • birth_place Provide the birth place
  • death_date provide a death date
  • death_place Provide a death place
  • years Provide the years the caster was active, from debut to retirement, provide exact dates if possible (i.e.: 1955-2000)
  • station Provide a list of stations (callsign form) the person is worked for, with years worked in parenthesis
  • occupation Provide their position when they retired or died (i.e.: Anchor, Reporter, Meteorologist)
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