Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Born {{{birth_date}}}
Hobbies {{{hobbies}}}
Favorite Local News Provider {{{news}}}
Userboxes {{{userboxes}}}


This template is to tell other users about you.

Suggested usage

An easy and error-proof way to use the template is to copy the code below to the top of the article source text, then add the relevant parameter values.

Empty syntax

provided for copy-and-paste usage

{{Infobox user
| name =
| image = 
| nicknames =  
| height =
| weight =  
| birth_date =
| birth_place =  
| hobbies =
| news =
| userboxes = 

Description of fields

  • name Provide you real or username here
  • image Provide an image for other users to see of you. (i.e.: Example.jpg)
  • nicknames provide a list of other names you known by
  • height Provide you height
  • weight Provide your weight
  • birth_date Provide you birthdate
  • birth_place Provide where you were born
  • hobbies Provide a list of your hobbies
  • news Provide the callsign of the local news provider you watch most without link marks
  • userboxes Provide your userboxes
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