WARNING: If you were blocked directly then you are using the wrong template and your block will not be reviewed since you have not provided a reason for unblocking. Please use {{unblock|your reason here}} instead.</p> This user is asking that his or her autoblock or shared IP address block be lifted:


  • Block message:

{{unblock-auto}} IS FOR Autoblocked USERS ONLY.
Do not call this template manually. Please follow these instructions instead.

  • Blocking admin: not provided.

Administrator use only: Replace this template with one of the following as notification. Users should note that they CANNOT unblock themselves.
{{subst:Request accepted|[[Wikipedia:Autoblock|Autoblock]] of [[User talk:|]] lifted or expired.}}
{{unblock-auto reviewed||original block message|not provided|decline=reason — ~~~~}}
{{unblock-auto reviewed||original block message|not provided|sig=~~~~}}
Note: If the "decline=" is omitted, a reason for unblocking will be requested.

Usage: {{unblock-auto|ip address|autoblock message|blocking admin}}

This template places user talk pages into Category:Requests for unblock and Category:Requests for unblock-auto.

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